While our clients share a passion for improving the world, the fields of their work are diverse.  Our prior work has involved clients in fields such as:   Software platforms and APIs, Electronic commerce, Business methods, Consumer products, Telecommunications, Wireless communications, Computing hardware, Marketing and point-of-sale systems, Consumer electronics, Medical devices, Financial services, Chemical processes, Microelectromechanical devices, Gaming, Hardware, Packaging and Automotive.

We help our clients build strong patent portfolios intended to withstand the scrutiny of sophisticated investors, while avoiding infringement.  We secure valuable trademark rights before you invest time and money into marketing your brands.  We help you navigate the complexities of legal disputes and litigation with maximum efficacy, while prioritizing the needs of your growing business.  And we communicate with you like a business person, telling you what you need to know in plain language without the confusing legalese.

Our clients think of us as a key part of their business team.  And that requires open communication and business-friendly predictability.  So we work on both fixed flat rate billing structures as well as traditional time-based billing.   

Our ideal client is a growing business, whether starting up or expanding into a new product, service or technology.  For these clients, we build IP assets and legal strategies that enable them to increase value and attract funding.